Friday, November 7, 2014

dreaming big

Happy November, friends!

I currently sit in the middle of craft chaos while the north wind whistles under the front door and up the stairs. [Note to self: buy a new door sweep.] There's card stock piles, overflowing boxes of ribbons, old scraps from past projects, rolls of kraft paper, paintbrushes, and rumpled burlap strewn about our office. Total chaos, and yet it's monumental! For the first time in years, I have all my crafting supplies together in one place. Let's just soak this moment in...

Ok, moving on because there's important work to be done - purging, organizing, and decorating! I've got a few ideas for the office percolating away in this crazy brain of mine....
1. Our old apartment kitchen table will get a chic makeover and become my new crafting table (and blog shoot background! Finally!)
2. An old frame the hubster thrifted for me will lose the nasty quilt and become a bulletin board in a diy-inspiring gallery wall. I'm thinking a spring green frame and painted burlap cork board.
3. Empty gallon paint cans will be upcycled into beautiful containers. 
4. And my crafting supplies will get organized in some sort of cohesive, efficient way on a shelving unit we don't presently own. In time, my friends, in time.

And in this space, I will create, blog, and craft unique and beautiful things for our home, friends, and my Etsy shop.

WHAT??! I know! I know. I just shocked myself by writing it out loud for all the world to read!!

A creative fire has been kindling inside of me for years now. Thus why the blog was birthed two years ago - a place to share creativity and hopefully inspire others to work on their own projects. I actually made a shop account two years ago, but chickened out on launching it. In hindsight, I'm glad I waited. The years have given me time to mull over the details of what I want the shop to look and feel like.

Fast forward to last March when I could no longer stand the dreary days of winter and longed for anything bright and cheerful. The billy ball flower tutorial was born and blogged. I never imagined I'd get such positive feedback. I knew then the time was coming for me to take a step of faith and see what happens.

And so friends, expect word in the near future of a Etsy shop grand opening featuring stationary, painted gift bags and gift wrap, billy balls (because they'll forever have a special place in my heart), and perhaps even an upcycled art piece or two.

 With love, Caitlin

P.S. If you've got an idea for a shop name, I'm open to suggestions!


  1. Wonderful! I'm so excited/ encouraged/ inspired by you Caitlin! Way to be bold and take the leap!

  2. Thanks friends! :) Miss you both!