Saturday, July 19, 2014

printable gold bunting card

Once again I'm here to apologize for the blog silence lately. In the midst of long work days and busy weekends, I've been trying to not let the easy breezy fleeting days of summer pass me by. Instead of shooting a post, we head to one of our favorite parks for an evening walk or an al fresco dinner. When I normally might be testing a new recipe to share with you, I've opted instead to use the panini press, smash summer's bounty between two pieces of bread, and have dinner on the table in fifteen minutes. Call me crazy, but that makes a lot more sense to me than spending all day in a sweltering kitchen! And so please excuse the sporadic posting, it's likely to continue for the remainder of the summer...

...but to make up for the lack of consistent posting, I've made you a printable! Truthfully, I made this card a few months ago for all the weddings and graduations we have or will be attending in the near future. And since I know how much you love printables and pretty cards, I thought I'd be nice and use my preschool skills and share the love.
This card is a conglomeration [word of the day!] of a few of my current loves: simple card designs, bunting, and the kraft/gold color combo that's everywhere lately. It's dressy enough for a wedding, but simple enough for any special event. Bonus: this card is minimal effort with beautiful results!
If you've downloaded any of my printables in the past, you know the drill. Click on the link below and a dropbox window will open with the pdf. The card prints up ready to be embellished. Give the bunting a gold tint, write your words of wisdom, and send it on its way.
Gold Sharpie
Kraft Card Paper
Bone Folder

1. Click here to access the printable pdf for your own personal use.
2. Fill your printer tray with the 8"x5.5" kraft card paper (the card size will be 4"x5.5" when folded) and print.
3. Use the gold Sharpie to color in the bunting.
4. Create a crisp fold with a bone folder or ruler and you're finished!
The perfect beginner homemade card for all you newbies out there and an attractive addition to your card stash for all you seasoned crafters. Happy crafting!