So you want to know more about me, huh? Well, I'm Caitlin.  Redeemed. Wife. Food-lover. Crafter. Bookworm. Penny-pincher'. This little blog of mine is about creating beautiful and tasty things without breaking the budget. I write about our frugal[ish] adventures from the cozy comfort of our Lancaster County townhouse in the grand old state of PA.

I'm a steadfast fan of my ma's cooking, a firm believer that homemade taste better, and a dessert-first-kind-of-girl. Most of the blog recipes lean towards the sweet tooth category, but I promise our everyday meals are [mostly] healthy and flavorful. You'll find a few of these weeknight meals sprinkled in between the indulgent desserts.

I'm on a mission to craft on a budget without skimping on style and class. The projects I share are often inspired by something I saw in a store or online that I think I can re-create for less. I blog about the successes and the inevitable slips ups that are all a part of the do-it-yourself process. My husband [affectionately referred to as the hubster] helps with the big furniture projects, but leaves the small craft jobs to me.

When I'm not blogging, crafting, or in the kitchen you'll find me nannying, exploring creation with a camera, reading, at church, chatting with friends, or relaxing with the hubster and my family.

Thanks again for reading, supporting, encouraging, and for being the lovely readers that you are!

If you're interested in working with me, please email me at thesemifrugallife@gmail.com.



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    1. Love the idea behind your new site, Rebecca. Thanks for the invite and for stopping by!