Monday, February 4, 2013

for the love of Wegmans

Devoted? Infatuated? Smitten? Call it what you'd like but I confess I'm in love with a grocery store. The bins of fresh bread still warm from the oven. The colorful rows of fresh sushi. The wheels, chunks, and slices of artisan cheeses. The cheap and reasonable grocery prices. What's not to love?

I blame my mom for the delight I get just from entering Wegmans (and for turning me into the foodie I am...thanks Ma!). We'd make special day trips every couple of months and spend the afternoon roaming the aisles shopping for Asian almond cookies, special Italian pasta shapes, almond croissants, authentic European sodas, havarti cheeses, and other delicious goods. The love affair continued when they built a Wegmans near my college. It became the fun place to "study" over a slice of decadent dark chocolate cake. Fast forward to now - I've converted my hubby into a full blown Wegmans fanatic  We both enjoy our weekly grocery shopping trip! (Yes, I know I got a good one :) 

Lately, I've had a number of people doubt the frugalness of shopping at Wegmans. Yes, the prepared foods, select cuts of meat, and crumbly cheeses can get quite expensive, but there are many fabulous deals. It's time I convert all the doubting Thomases into full blown Wegmans-lovers!
Wegmans app, strawberry almond tart, coupons, notebook - let the deal hunting begin!
And so my frugal(ish) list of reasons to shop at Wegmans: 
1) Consistent low prices -  Visit the Wegmans website and click on consistent low prices to see a current flyer. Just a few examples:

  • .49¢/lb bananas 
  • .89¢ Wegman's greek yogurt 
  • .99¢ for a bag of frozen veggies 

2) Club pack prices - stock your freezer!

  • $1.99/lb boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • $13.98 for 32oz of salmon
  • $9.98 for 32oz of tilapia

3) Bulk bins - especially great prices for sprinkles, 12 flavor gummy bears (a favorite special treat), dried fruits, and grains

4) Cheap date night - spicy crab sushi for me and lobster bisque for hubby - date night for a little over ten bucks!!

5) Register your card and you get Wegmans coupons each week by email, mailings with special store brand coupons, and notices of upcoming free events (for all those lovers of samples)

6) The Wegmans App - my new secret device for finding the best deals!! It's revolutionary! Download it now!!

  • search for any product and it will tell you the current price and the aisle it's found in - perfect for comparing prices and couponing
  • you can make a shopping list on the app and it will be organized according to the store layout
  • the constantly updated prices allow you to see what's on sale that may not be advertised from the comfort of your own abode...every other grocery store needs to get on this bandwagon!

7) Huge selection of specialty and organic ingredients - rarely, do I come across an ingredient that I can't find at Wegmans

8) Wegmans brand - the best store brand available! Wegmans brand products are usually as good and sometimes better than name brands.

If my list hasn't converted you, take a trip for yourself - I promise you won't be disappointed! 

P.S. I have no connection to Wegmans, beyond my love of great food at low prices :)

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