Monday, June 17, 2013

a tribute to summer

Well, friends this is the week that we've been waiting's out and sweet, sweet summertime begins! In honor of one of my favorite seasons (let's face - they're all my favorite seasons...I'm just a four-seasons-kind-of-girl), I present a collection of summer beauty seen through the eyes of a lens. Enjoy!
an alfresco snack on the deck - homemade brioche bread topped with Ma's applebutter
meandering walks through history
 picnics in the park (note for all you history buffs: this is quite literally the spot where Washington crossed the Delaware)
 sweet daisies - it's impossible not to feel a little happier in the presence of such bright, little flowers
 green thumb success! the peas are growing!
 tomato season...there's nothing quite like a sun-warmed tomato right off the plant
walks through enchanted woods...minus the ticks...
the golden light of an evening on the farm

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