Thursday, November 21, 2013

a list of loves and links

Because my life this week is consumed  with shoeboxes through this incredible ministry, I've gathered a bunch of my favorite links lately and few other random things that have caught my eye. Happy browsing!

I know summer is behind us, but this one-pan farro with tomatoes recipe from Smitten Kitchen is simply delicious. After thirty minutes in the pot, the ingredients transform into an almost risotto-like goodness that is perfect for cold winter evenings. This is one my newest go-to recipes for easy, quick, and comforting dinners. (P.S. cut the red pepper flakes if you don't do heat.) Speaking of Smitten Kitchen, these cranberry orange breakfast rolls are on my list of sweet things to make and SOON!

Current favorite diy blog: East Coast Creative. What these ladies can do with tiny budgets is magical! Watch their show and prepare to be amazed. My personal favorites thus far from the show: the rolling barn door, the pallet wood accent wall, and this little kitchen re-do. Truly gifted designers.

Meet Grandma Helen. Yes, that is her name. Quite possibly one of the silliest cows I've ever seen. Check out that curly mop up on top and those giant ears. She wants to know if you have a carrot in your pocket...

Marriage is work, beauty, sacrifice, and love all rolled together in a messy, precious package! This article reminds me of how thankful I am for my hubster.

Sugared cranberries?!? I feel like I've missed something so important for much much too long. It's time to change that.

Gearing up for Christmas goodness! Get ready - I've got some Christmasy posts in the works. Here's a little sneak peek:

Just got PW's newest cookbook from the library! Can't wait to read through all the recipes and check out Charlie's costumes :)

Excited for more Joy the Baker's Bonkers Awesome videos - pretty sure I'd make the same faces if I was covering a wedding cake with fondant!

And while we're on the subject of baking, leave it to the good people at King Arthur Flour to have some great baking tips. A reusable shower cap to cover rising dough - genius!

I leave you with this beautiful sight of what almost landed on our car last weekend...
Pretty cool, huh?

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