Wednesday, March 12, 2014

a recap of life lately

Hey strangers! I'm backkkk! And ready to get cooking, crafting, and blogging again. But before I jump back into normal posts, let's recap life lately.

I'm home from the land of big sky. If you missed the reason for my trip to Montana, you can read my quick note about it here. This is the view my brother and sister-in-law have from their backyard. It's mind-blowing. every. single. time. I've also learned that it makes the chore of washing the dishes a whole lot more exciting.

We just happened to visit during one of the snowest seasons they've had in recent years. I secretly believe the snow is stalking us. Shhh don't let it in on our little secret...spring is coming!!
But that snow didn't ruin our fun! We played, sledded (is that a word??), trudged, and plowed through the snow like the pros we are. 

Oh and I thought perhaps you'd like to see a glimpse of the precious little one that decided she was done baking much earlier then everyone wanted her to be. I'm happy to report she's now home, healthy, and growing!

I'm now back in PA missing my Montana family, but happy to be reunited with the hubster! I mean who else leaves me such incredibly creative mini freezer snowmen...
Or prints out such a plethora of tiny signs for our coffee corner/dining area...
Or makes me such a tasty homemade mozzarella-stuffed turkey pesto meatball "welcome home" dinner! My apologies for the lighting/focus in this photo. At least I tore myself away from my dinner to take the picture in the first place ;)

And so now, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. I've re-acquainted myself with my new-to-me kitchen by making Girl Versus Dough's whole wheat honey oatmeal bread, Minimalist Baker's banana bread granola, Shutterbean's spinach tortellini soup, and Smitten Kitchen's double coconut muffins. I'm just getting started - this cracker box kitchen with no dishwasher won't keep me down!

On a whim I've decided to enter my dresser with rustic top into East Coast Creative's Creating with the Stars. So if you have a moment, jump on over and click on my entry #281 to give me a vote! While you're there check out the incredible projects other bloggers have submitted!

For now I leave you with one last peek at that view...not even my semi-melted rainy lake view with a side of path-encompassing puddles and a whole bunch of squishy mud can beat it...
P.S. I [finally] started facebook, twitter, and instagram accounts for the blog. Follow these for behind the blog photos, ideas, and other random thoughts. Warning: I'm a newbie at the whole twitter (does it count if the hubster and I occasionally speak in hashtags to each other??) and instagram experience. 


  1. 1. That view is totally amazing. And I have experience herding cows AND chickens, so I think I should be hired. For real.
    2. The snowman in the freezer is spectacular!
    3. I spy the salad dressing...mmm!
    4. OK, what's with my list? I don't know, but I clicked on your dresser. :)

    1. 1. The cows aren't actually theirs, but I did meet the father-in-law of the cow owners while I was there. He told me I should move to Montana...I'm sure he'd say the same to you :)
      2. I know! I laughed so hard when I opened the freezer!
      3. We might have stolen a forgotten bottle in Ma's fridge...
      4. I love the list! And thanks for the vote!