Friday, November 9, 2012

the four letter word: free!

What human doesn't love that four letter word - free? In the true spirit of being frugal(ish), I am always on the look out for deals and even better...freebies! Target's sample spot has quickly become a favorite! The only problem is the samples go quickly, so you have to check back often or let the deal queen bloggers remind you when a sample is available.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this sample for lunch...

Yes, I had cereal for lunch. Don't judge - it has 5g of protein! I actually had been wanting to try the brand, but the price for a bigger bag of granola was a bit steep for us. Not only was the cereal delicious, but they sent along a coupon too! I love me some coupons and I love that we can try out new brands and products for free! So for all you bargain hunters and freebie lovers, here's the link for Target's Sample Spot. Happy hunting!

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