Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Frugal(ish) in 2013

A move, the holidays, family, food, friends, gift-making, more defense for the long silence on this blog. Life just got in the way. Happy news though - I have resolved to be more frugal in 2013!  

My list of frugal projects and resolutions in 2013:
1. Make my own bread each week. Potential savings of $3 a week multiplied by 52 weeks = $156! I made my first loaf of batter bread yesterday. It looked beautiful until I cut into it and found a large air pocket still tasted great. There aren't many smells that compare with homemade bread baking in the oven. It instantly turns our little condo into a cozy, happy abode. 
2. Reunite with my sewing skills. Little know fact: I took sewing lessons in elementary school. Our new place needs pillows and curtains plus there are thousands of pinterest sewing projects ready to be  conquered.
3. Eliminate food waste. No, it's not about being green. It's about the money that's thrown down the drain when food goes bad because it's forgotten in the fridge. Yesterday, I threw away an avocado and two sweet potatoes. Sad day. 
4. Make our own yogurt and mozzarella. Ambitious, but we spend SO much on cheese and Greek yogurt each month. If I can reduce our grocery bills with some old-fashioned elbow grease then I'll consider myself successful. 

I leave you with a delicious holiday treat, Chocolate Orange Truffles! Everyone loved these melt-in-your mouth decadent chocolates at our Christmas gatherings.
The hubster's response after eating one was, "You MADE this?!?" and my brothers quite literally swooned over them. You can find the basic recipe from here. I did change the recipe by substituting orange juice for orange liqueur and rolling the outsides in chopped almonds to help them keep their shape, minimize any fingerprints, and add a little crunch. Make these for Valentine's Day or any day - you won't be disappointed!

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