Friday, March 1, 2013

frugal find: ibotta app

For all my tech-savvy, deal-loving friends - do you know about the Ibotta app? You could be getting paid to shop! Well, sort of... Download the free app then anytime you purchase one of the items listed on the app take a snapshot of your receipt and redeem it for $$$ in your PayPal account. The catch: you might have to take a quick survey (super quick!) or write a one sentence testimonial on why you like the product.

Oh, did I mention you can still use regular newspaper coupons on the Ibotta item! Not sold yet? The teacher in me will now provide an example to prove the awesomeness of this app:
Soy sauce is on sale for $1.25 and you have a $1 off coupon. You pay $.25 for it in the store, BUT if it's also featured on Ibotta with the potential of redeeming for $.50 then you make $.25! 

I know you're thinking, "that's only a quarter, Caitlin." You could probably just as easily find that amount under your couch cushions, but think about if you redeemed 8 products similarly. $2 in your pocket and with free grocery items in your pantry for the month....I'd say that's living in semi-frugal style!

There are other similar apps available, but Ibotta is my favorite thus far. Easy-to-use, painless, and it has a fun name! One final word to the wise: make sure your grocery store is found on the list of stores working in conjunction with Ibotta. They keep adding new ones so check back often! 

Happy saving!

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