Friday, March 8, 2013

introducing: news from the book nook

This post has absolutely nothing to do with food, crafts, or couponing. It's about another love in my semi-frugal life...books. Specifically, children's books.

I'm a children's lit nut. It's the truth. You might as well know now. I can spend hours in a bookstore devouring the newest children's books. I've been known to suggest personal favorites to complete strangers who look bewildered at the volume of books to choose from in the children's section. My heart is full when walking by a impromptu storytime featuring Pigeon and Duckling. Many of my best childhood memories include books...reading The Little House series aloud, devoting a whole tote bag to all the reading material needed while on vacation because I really would fly through ten of them, weekly trips to the library with my mom, bedtime fairy tales, reading/memorizing my first book - Green Eggs and Ham and reciting it to all who would life would not be my life without a stack of books somewhere nearby.
the library books that currently occupy our coffee table
And now begins my rant...
I believe the books you read your child should be chosen with the same care and attention as those that you read for yourself. Big words and colorful pages do not make a book worthy of bedtime. Nor does the fact that it cost you $3 dollars instead of $12 (let's put my frugalish self aside for today). Or that it has a lovely little pop up at the end of the book. Am I done ranting, yet? No, but I promise there is a point...

My heart hurts when I come across families that have turned reading into a chore. I grow teary (quite literally) and mournful about the problems parents are sometimes unknowingly causing by pushing reading into a mundane task. Never mind the implications of setting your child up for failure in school. It takes the magic, surprise, and enjoyment out of reading. I could write a whole book on the appalling acts I've witnessed against reading from the mouths and hands of parents and caregivers. I could, but I won't because it would a depressing and angry memoir. Thankfully, I could also write volumes about parents who understand the value of reading. Parents who believe in bedtime stories, read alouds, and daily storytimes. Parents who search for books with lyrical language, rich vocabulary, and relate-able books for their children. Parents who know that it is not simply about enabling your child to succeed in life, but providing an avenue for them to dream, imagine, play, learn and grow.

It is in this reading spirit that I present this little series entitled: news from the book nook. Old beloved classics, nonfiction newbies, and hilarious picture books recommendations rolled into informative and fun blog posts. Why? 1) You are never to old to laugh at a Mo Willems book 2) Even the best parents might need some new recommendations 3)  I miss recommending my faves and helping children find that one book that will forevermore be their favorite 4) Because you probably have a baby shower coming up where board books are requested...or maybe that's just my life :)

What does this have to do with being frugalish? Everything! Reading cost nothing and yet it provides so much! The library provides the perfect place to "shop" without sacrificing a penny (just make sure you return or renew on time!).

Stay tuned for the first installment!

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  1. I love your passion about this Caitlin! I can't wait to read your book reviews!