Monday, April 29, 2013

a walk in the woods

Dear friends, I promise I haven't been neglecting you on purpose! We just got back from a rather eventful long weekend in Vermont. Eventful as in the hubster and my dad had a slight incident while installing some garage doors and we found ourselves spending some time in the ER. Everybody is ok, but it wasn't exactly the relaxing weekend we had in mind. In fact, I spent the rest of the weekend inspecting the hubster's wounds and peppering him with questions like, "Who's the president?,"Do you need some Tylenol?, "How's your head?" Oh and the cherry on top of it all, I managed to lock the keys in the car on our way home... It was just one of those weekends...

So to counteract the stresses of the past few days, I'm choosing to breath a breath of fresh air straight from the mountains into the blog today. Let's go for a stroll through the Green Mountains today...
what would a trip to VT be like without a picture of some shelf fungus... 
evidence of spring!
the perfect little mossy spring
the Northwest has come to the Green Mountains
notice a theme???
Moriah. God still provides.

I'll never tire of this view!

Ahhh that's much better - just what the doctor ordered! And if you had a stress-inducing weekend like us, take the night off and snuggle in on the this wet and dreary Monday!


  1. That shelf fungus is amazing! Such beautiful photos.

    1. Thanks! I can't leave VT without snapping a photo of a mushroom or some other form of fungi!