Thursday, April 4, 2013

diy rustic nightstand

After four Saturdays of painting, staining, sanding, and shellacing, we've finally completed our two furniture projects! The nightstand and dresser had been waiting in storage for someone to dust them off, pretty them up, and use them again. Along came some semi-frugal sort-of-newlyweds who desperately needed some bedroom furniture in their abode and the rest is history. 

Today, let's talk about this nightstand:
The color is a little off in the first picture, but you get the idea - it's dated and desperately in need of some tlc.
Here's what we did:
1. Dusted/cleaned with a rag.
2. Applied a coat of Silver Strand Behr paint. We actually bought two little samples in flat and barely even needed the second sample. Tip: buying samples instead of a quart saves precious $$!
3. Applied a coat of Zinnser Clear Shellac Traditional Finish and Sealer
4. Sanded in areas of typical wear on "old" pieces
5. Removed the sanding debris
6. Applied a coat of Old Master's Spanish Oak Wiping Stain. Let it sit for five to ten minutes then wiped most of it off. Let it dry overnight.
7. Applied another coat of Zinnser Shellac.
8. Added a new drawer pull (not sure the name/model, but we got it Home Depot) and viola! Done!

Lessons learned:
1. Have some sort idea of the overall look you want to achieve in the end. Ask the experts for help- there's no way we would of known which products to use without the help of my brother! If you want to see what a real master can do with wood, paint, and stain, check out his website and prepare to be amazed!
3. Sand carefully and with the grain. I got a little overzealous a few times...
4. Don't expect perfection on your first try! I can see some of the places that need a bit more stain, but no one else is going to notice unless they get down on the floor scrutinize all its flaws (and if that's the case, then you probably don't want them in your bedroom anyway!)
5. The most expensive item to buy was the wiping stain ($20). Thankfully, we also used the wiping stain and shellac for our dresser. and there is still plenty left for future projects!

I really love having a nightstand for the first time in my life! Yes, that's right. The first time in my life! I've always had a basket, desk, or hutch next to my bed, but now I feel like I'm officially an adult! If only we could find one for the hubster's side of the bed - this weekend we begin our yard sale search!
Coming soon: the dresser's transformation! 


  1. LOVE IT! And so glad I got to hear about it personally from you!!! Love you Heya!

    1. Thanks dear! Wonderful to catch up yesterday! Love you too!

  2. This gives me hope. I want to try another nightstand project and yours came out so well! Thank you