Monday, September 2, 2013

a Labor Day treat: yellow watermelon granita

Happy Labor Day, friends! Today we're celebrating the steamy end of summer with a cool, refreshing treat.

My parent's garden is overflowing with yellow watermelons. I love watermelons. The kind of love that's showcased by shoveling a half of a melon down in one sitting. Sadly, the rainy summer has made the watermelons more juicy then sweet. Delicious? Yes. But not quite as alluring as in year's past. So I've been finding other creative uses for the constant supply...watermelon smoothies, watermelon lemonade, watermelon ice cubes, watermelon popsicles.

And our new favorite: watermelon granita! Watermelon chunks pureed in a blender with a little lime juice and sugar. Just three ingredients. It's the perfect way to end a summer dinner. Or enjoy as a mid-afternoon refresher. Kind of a cross between refreshing water ice and a naturally flavored snow cone. If that makes no sense, then just believe me - it's gooood!

Click on over to the Pioneer Woman's Watermelon Granita recipe for the step-by-step details. And if you're looking to use your own yellow watermelon - I followed PW's recipe except I used a whole yellow watermelon (they tend to be a bit smaller than the standard gigantor melons you find in the store). I then strained the seeds out before I froze the mixture.

Savor the last day of summer, friends! Enjoy!

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