Tuesday, September 3, 2013

the green mountains: revisited

It's been a few weeks since we got back from our Green Mountain vacation, but I finally got around to sorting through the hundreds of photos I took while we were in Vermont.

Here's some of the the highlights - happy browsing!
Smitten Kitchen's Apricot Breakfast Crisp - revolutionary! And the perfect accompaniment to a cool summer morning on the deck. A fall breakfast crisp blog post is in the works... (p.s. I used the recipe from her cookbook which is slightly different than the one she posted on her blog years ago)
<3 New England
 A beautiful carriage trail hike up to Progue Pond in Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park.
Check out the height on these trees. I know they aren't sequoia size, but still!
 perfectly picturesque
In true frugalish style: BYOP (bring your own picnic and find a pretty view)
Another new favorite: Crown Point, New York - a gorgeous day for pictures! 
Always a fave: Lake Champlain!
 Such a fun place to explore! I found myself yodeling "high on a hill there's a lonely goat herd..." :)
My hair = no control. I'm pretty sure it attacked the hubster's face more than a few times that day.
 Whole wheat buttermilk blackberry pancakes with the remainder of the berries Ma and I picked earlier in the summer. So so good! Cooking Light's recipe is my one of my favorites - I haven't had it fail yet and I've added all sorts of things to the batter.
 wildlife sightings along White Rocks trail
 proof that fall is coming!
 Texas Falls - this photo doesn't quite do the deep, blueish green pools and falls justice
 Moss Glenn Falls 
 Look who we spotted sunning themselves one morning - a coyote!
I don't know who came up with the idea to add maple syrup to soft serve, but it's genius! We love maple creemies!
<3 beauty
 First attempt at crepes - filled with ricotta and topped with maple strawberry sauce. I'd say it was a success.
 We got a bit over zealous with the wild apple tree picking. A bit tart and little, but they bake up wonderfully and they were free!
The last evening we went searching for a moose at one of our top-secret moose frequented spots. Sadly, no moose, but I found some beautiful flowers.
Home again, home again. Jiggity jig. Refreshed and ready for a night out to celebrate our anniversary in style at Honey (thanks Ma and Pa)! 

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