Tuesday, January 14, 2014

printable: love birds valentine's day card

Have you noticed the slow creep of hearts and every shade of red into your blog feed lately? Perhaps it's because Valentine's Day is exactly a month away! Are you one of those people that plans elaborate displays of affection for the day of love? Or do you panic on February 13th when someone reminds you Valentine's Day is tomorrow?  Love it or hate it, it's coming! Oh and if you hate it, spare yourself the trip to the craft store right now...unless you're prepared for a pink, purple, and red explosion.

Today I'm sharing the love early to all of you by offering a free printable Valentine's card. No more searching the day before for the perfect card in a picked-over card aisle with twenty other procrastinators. Stay home. Print the card on cardstock. Fold. Write a little note. Put in an envelope or leave it as is. Ta da - done!

I was given Photoshop as a Christmas present and I've been busily experimenting. Oh the wonders of Photoshop. I'm enjoying the whole editing and creating experience. Expect more printables in the future! Anyway, using the incredible editing tools I turned this photo I took years ago of a flowering tree in Hong Kong...
...into a cute, but simple love birds Valentine's Day card!
Choose which format you'd prefer: 4x6 notecard or 8.5x11 folding card. Note: a link to Dropbox will open and from there you'll be able download the printables (for personal use only please). Let's not discuss how aggravating it is that blogger does not have an easier option to share downloadable files...

You can choose to leave the printable as is or give it a little extra something. I added some silver paint embellishments with a tiny paintbrush and a small clay tool. I painted silver wings on the love birds and added a sprinkling of silver dots. I love the extra pizzazz the silver brings, but if you're in a rush - forget the paint.
Happy printing!
P.S. If you're single and V-Day makes you want to hide under the covers and watch re-runs until it's over, I will not judge if you go Mr.-Bean-style and send yourself this card and some chocolates. Promise :)
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  1. Aww, so sweet! :) I almost caved today and bought a set of Valentine's Day kitchen towels that said "Lovebirds" with two pink birds. I love the lovebird theme!

  2. Thanks! Believe it or not the original idea stemmed from painting love birds on a kitchen item, but then I got distracted and made a card instead! I love the bird and tree theme - used it for our wedding and it lives on in our decorations :)