Tuesday, April 8, 2014

news from the book nook: feathered friends

I know it's been spring for a few weeks, but today it truly feels like spring. The windows are thrown open and a breeze that smells of mud and things that make me sneeze floats in. The sun is warm, but the air is cool. Blue herons fly low over the lake searching for murky, shallow waters. Geese honk and waddle about in pairs. In a few short weeks, we'll have a front row show to gaggles of goslings and all the ugly, cuteness they bring (even if it means listening to more honking in the middle of the night...).

So as tweets, songs, and honks fill the air, I think its time I revisit my news from the book nook series. Today in honor of all my chatty winged neighbors, let's talk about some of my favorite children's books featuring feathered friends. If you're new to the blog, visit here to find out the inspiration behind the news from the book nook series. Hope you find some old favorites and new ones to cherish in the list. 

Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein {Preschool-2nd Grade}
Little red hen can't help herself. She constantly interrupts the bedtime stories her Papa reads. She must warn Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Grettel about their impending doom. Chicken Little needs to know that the sky is not really falling. If your a fan of Mo Willems, this is definitely a book for you! Your little one will adore little red hen. And she might even remind you of some interrupting children you may know ;)

Duck & Goose by Tad Hills {Preschool-1st Grade}
Duck and Goose have both claimed a gigantic mulit-colored egg as their own.  They each have their own dreams and plans for the egg. Neither wants to share with the other. Until they learn their egg isn't an egg at all... The first of many tales of friendship featuring Duck and Goose. 

Chicken Big by Keith Graves {Preschool-2nd Grade}
A hilarious take on the classic Chicken Little story. Out of a gigantic egg comes something large and all together not chicken-like. Maybe it's an elephant? Or a squirrel? Kids will cackle over the chickens' silly bird-brained reasoning and cheer when Chicken Big saves the day!

Blue Chicken by Deborah Freedman {Preschool}
A curious chicken watches the artist illustrate the pages of the book he's in. A bucket of blue paint is left out, and suddenly the chicken is no longer white but blue! The paint continues to spread across the pages and onto the other barnyard animals. Simple, rhyming text, but the magic here is in the illustrations. Great for little ones who love to imagine and anyone who enjoys the writing/illustration process. 

Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker {Toddler-Preschool}
Color illustrations and simple, rhyming make this a great book for even the youngest of listeners. A storytime favorite of mine for teaching rhyming and counting. Bonus: the kids love to do the motions that go along with the rhyme.

Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman {Preschool-1st Grade}
Poor little baby bird can't seem to find his mother, but he's determined to find her. He asks a dog, a cat, a cow, and even a snort! In true Dr. Seuss style, this book is perfect for beginning readers.

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell {Preschool-Kindergarten}
Three little owls are left all alone. Where has their mommy gone? The two older owls have some ideas, but the littlest, Bill, can only repeat, "I want my mommy!" The illustrations flawlessly convey three tiny, anxious, scared owls in a big, dark forest. But before anyone can get too scared, in swoops mommy!

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