Friday, April 4, 2014

printable spring card

I'm craving spring colors, buds, and blooms. I'm sure I will be until the bulbs pop, the grass greens, and the trees bud. Hopefully that comes sooner rather than later, but until then I'll just continue making cheery flower projects. Judging by the top ten post list and that the billy ball flower gift wrap project is now the #1 post of all time [woah!], I think you also share my love for spring and simple diy projects. Or maybe you just like the color yellow? Or are you a sucker for classy [but cheap] gift wrap like me? Whatever the reason, thanks for all the blog love this week!

I've officially unofficially named it reader appreciation day! To celebrate you, my lovely readers, I'm gifting you a sweet printable card. I think the flower is from a joe pye weed. Hmmm. I'd like to call a friend...anybody? Mom?? Anyway, consider it a great addition to your stationary stash, a special way to say happy birthday, or the perfect little card to present to your momma on Mother's Day. Yes, Mother's Day. It's sneaking up on us.

I adapted one of my favorite photos from our summer Vermont trip into a pencil drawing [oh the glories of Photoshop]. Cropped it. Polished it. And it's ready to be printed, folded, colored, and filled with lovely words.
Since I'm particularly in love with brown kraft paper lately [who isn't], I chose to print mine on brown cardstock. Cut the paper in half and fold with a bone folder or anything that produces a crisp edge.
I used purple and green colored pencils to keep the flower realistic. And now that I'm looking at the original picture again I probably should have colored the stem with brown. Oops. We'll call the flower semi-realistic. Ha. Watercolors will also look lovely. If neon is more your style, then by all means make it happen. I won't judge.

Click here to download the printable pdf and make the card your own. Another window will open dropbox [insert annoyance that blogger doesn't have the option to upload downloadable pdfs...] and you'll be able to download the card from there. P.S. For personal use only. Please and thank you. 

Happy unofficial official reader appreciation day!

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