Saturday, May 31, 2014

a photo ode to may

May 31st. Thirty-first. Because spelling it out makes it a reality that tomorrow is the beginning of June. I'm sure I sound like a broken record, but I'm going to say it did this happen? It's practically summer!

So in honor of the month that was, here's a random collection of photos from my camera. Enjoy!

What's a birthday without a little OwowCow...

I thought about editing out the candle flares, but the hubster looks so angelic ;) 

 A gorgeous afternoon spent in Princeton window shopping and architecture gawking for Mother's Day

The ivy. Get it? Ivy league. Hehe...couldn't help myself...

Parent stalking. 

Remember when I said we'd have a front row gosling show eventually? This little family was hanging out next to my car one morning. 

Johnny Jump Ups - one of my childhood favorites!

A Memorial Day weekend hike at Green Lane. Slightly out of focus, but you should have seen the natural tripod I had to rig...

YES! Read more about our roadside treasure here.

Ma's steak salad is hands down the best. Ever. This is the only the beginning. Next comes homemade caesar dressing, parmesan, and blue cheese. Craving those flavors of summer all over again! P.S. meat doesn't get anymore local that this my friends. 

A relic from Ma's former past time: cross stitch. She thinks I'm crazy for wanting to frame and hang this cloth filled with practice stitches in our living room. Someday [in my dreams] it will have a home on a gallery wall in my craft room. So what do you think? Who's more crazy? The one who stitched and tied all those knots? Or the one who calls it family history and art?

I love it when a plan comes together. Next up: the lettering. Almost finished - post to follow soon!

Bring on June!

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