Monday, May 5, 2014

farm sitting 101

Friends, it's been quite the week. We spent the last nine days farm sitting for my parents. It was a busy week of cute animals, stinky muck, pouring rain, and glimpses of sun and spring. Here's a little recap of the week that was...

My city boy hubster has become quite the country man. Down to the flannel, muck boots, egg collecting, and steer tending.
We raided the cheese drawer and treated ourselves to a cheese fondue dinner.
Sneaky sheep. They let themselves out to graze in the yard.
Averted basement waterfall disaster after 4 plus inches fell in a day. Thank goodness for sump pumps, replacement hoses, and a Dad on call in Cali.
Thankful for an evening of sunshine after all that rain.

Soaking in a warm evening and some fresh spring air on a canal walk with the hubster.
 The swollen Delaware.
We took full advantage of a dishwasher and a stocked pantry [thanks Ma!] and prepped weeknight meals for an upcoming busy season in our life. Buttermilk biscuits, butternut squash and carrot sage soup, mini frittatas, baked french toast, and meatballs now sit pretty and ready in our freezer. P.S. The meatballs were from a recipe the hubster created and made. He promises to guest blog about it soon ;)
Picked the first asparagus stalks on the season.
April showers, brought May flowers.
Used my powered sugar stencil method to decorate cookies cut with a biscuit cutter with butterflies using a foam sticker.
Made these for a lunch with my in-laws, but my chocolate-loving hubster didn't want to share.
Finished off the week with a spicy mini frittata photo shoot. Please note the toes...
Hope your week was also filled with beauty, love, and deliciousness!


  1. Caitlin, what a beautiful farm!! I am sure farm-sitting is a TON of work, but it looks so beautiful and peaceful. :) And your hubby looks pretty convincing as a farmer, haha! I'm sure those boots were very necessary with so much rain.

    1. Thanks! It's definitely one of my favorite places in the world especially at sunset. It's actually not all that hard as long as weather and animals cooperate. Personally, I think the worst part is smelling like a barn. Oh and washing eggs. Way worst then washing monotonous!

  2. Love it! Where do I sign up for farm sitting? ;) The picture of Brad stealing cookies makes me laugh...its like James when he does a grab and run maneuver with fresh cookies.

    1. Oh yes I'm quite familiar with the grab and run maneuver. Sometimes it was the only way to sneak a cookie before mom packaged them all up to go to some church event... Now that I can make my own cookies, I can simply shove the hot cookie in my mouth in peace ;)

  3. What a beautiful farm! I think farm sitting sounds like fun, but this city girl could probably only handle it for a few days =)

    1. Thank you Sam! Off to explore your blog :)